LED Cabin Lighting Redefined

HelioJet does not only redefine the design options for LED cabin lighting, it also contributes substantially to financial, maintenance, and ecological aspects. Generally, LED lighting solutions seemed to be efficient because of their long lifetime and low failure levels.

Nonetheless, up until today, LED strips, which consist of a large number of light diodes, have not been able to satisfactorily replace fluorescent tubes in aircraft cabins due to inconsistent light output.

HelioJet uses about 80 % fewer diodes than conventional LED strips. This leads to significant improvements. The mean time between failure (MTBF) is five-times higher, which reduces the maintenance efforts substantially. Also single LEDs can be exchanged, enabling new maintenance concepts that clearly support an ecologically friendly approach.

Suitable for almost all aircraft types HelioJet is designed for use in new aircraft as well as for retrofit projects. The modular production concept provides a high compatibility with different aircraft and operating systems. The new lighting system has been tested with European, Far Eastern, and US-based airlines. In addition, it is totally compatible with all mechanical measures, and fixation and electronic interfaces. 


  • Very homogeneous light distribution
  • Constant high light stability
  • Controlled light output


  • MTBF: Up to 50.000 operating hours
  • Fewer replacements, less maintenance
  • Possibility to exchange single LEDs


  • Low maintenance due to smaller number of LEDs
  • Enhances installation efficiency
  • Quick and easy to replace without tools

Ecologically friendly

  • No critical substances like in fluorescent tubes
  • Less waste (due to high MTBF)
  • Repair of single modules is possible