Locations: Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg

Company headquarters and competence center
A small city inside the city

Hamburg is the headquarters, competence center and control center of Lufthansa Technik. About 7,500 employees work on the premises which are spread out over more than 750,000 square meters in the Western part of the airport. The numerous hangars, workshops and office buildings make the base the equivalent of a small city; Lufthansa Technik is one of the most important employers in the Hanseatic city. In Hamburg, more 500 engineers are employed. In the hangers, large commercial aircraft from Airbus and Boeing are completely overhauled or equipped with technical innovations and product improvements.

The Jumbo hangar of the Overhaul Center West offers space on its floors for two Boeing 747s and one Airbus A300 to be maintained simultaneously. Its arch, rising 54 meters into the air, turns the hangar into an architectural symbol of the Hanseatic city. The various parts workshops of the hangar complex cover more than 30,000 square meters. Year for year, about 300,000 components are worked on here – from landing gear to the navigation computer to the on-board kitchen. The Cabin Innovation Center at the Hamburg base is a research and development center with state-of-the-art test laboratories, production areas and exhibition areas for the new products. 

Many services offered in the engine shop

The engine shop on the Hamburg base is the largest independent workshop for the repair of commercial aircraft engines worldwide. The offered services range from repair work and overhauls of engines of different manufacturers, of its modules, individual parts and accessory devices. The comprehensive use of lean production principles shortens the turnaround times. Lufthansa Technik is authorized to carry out guarantee work on behalf of the manufacturers for all major engine types. The company is worldwide leading in the repair of highly stressed engine parts. Hundreds of repair procedures have been developed by Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg. 

Any luxury imaginable

Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg has been the top address for the individual completion of VIP, corporate and government aircraft according to customers' specifications for decades. The product portfolio comprises the completion of narrowbody aircraft such as Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 family up to the highly individual "flying palaces– the size of a Boeing 747 or an Airbus A380. The aircraft can be appointed with any luxury imaginable. From the communications technology of an office to the comfort of an apartment, the customer wishes are only restricted by flight physics and the laws of aviation authorities. About 400 specialists – especially highly qualified experts and commercial artists – work at turning the individual wishes and instructions of the customers into reality. 

Focus on innovations

VIP customers and increasingly airlines are asking for state-of-the-art cabin entertainment and communication products. Lufthansa Technik's Cabin Innovation Center in Hamburg meets this demand. More than 60 experts are developing new solutions in the areas of cabin management, in-flight entertainment, communication systems as well as innovative seat concepts and patient transport units.

Thanks to its experience in technical care and maintenance of the value of commercial aircraft, Lufthansa Technik is today a development and production operation recognized by supervisory agencies around the globe. In other words, the competence of the Hamburg engineers and mechanics is rated at the same level as that of the manufacturers of aircraft, components and engines. This diversified competence makes a decisive contribution to the outstanding position of the company and the full satisfaction of its customers, for instance with the development of innovative repair processes.