Reliable and maintenance-free emergency floor path marking

Designed for very easy installation, GuideU is the next generation of non-electrical floor path marking systems. GuideU consists of photoluminescent lighting strips on the cabin floor to guide passengers to the exits in the event of an emergency when cabin lighting fails. No special tools are needed to install the system. The luminescent strips do not have to be assembled and can be used for galleys and carpeted areas of the cabin. The self-sealing design makes end caps obsolete even if cut to length at the installation site.

The patented GuideU system features a most efficient and light-weight design, saving more than 30 percent weight versus former products. Compared to its predecessor the new design saves eight kilograms of weight on a Boeing 777 and 15 kilograms when installed in an Airbus A380.

GuideU is available in 20 different colors that can be optimally integrated into any cabin design. The strips need only 30 minutes of normal cabin lighting to store enough energy for a long-range flight, even when the bins are open during charging. Like the predecessor systems GuideU requires no power supply and therefore is 100 percent reliable. Contrary to electrically operated systems GuideU is maintenance free, has no lifetime limitation and no impact on aircraft turnaround times. 

With GuideU, Lufthansa Technik continues to be a leading and market-recognized supplier of floor path marking systems. In 2011, the company won the prestigious Crystal Cabin Award in the category Material and Components. In 2013, the colored and curved GuideU configurations were named as the most innovative optical parts (SPE Automotive Award) at "K", the largest international trade fair for plastics.

Lufthansa Technik emergency floor path systems have already been installed and certified in all major types of aircraft. The system is also to be installed as the standard floor path marking system on the future Airbus A350 and Bombardier CSeries aircraft.

Lufthansa Technik is licensed under patents owned by STG Aerospace. 

Customer advantages

  • No life limit
  • No maintenance
  • No power required
  • FAA/EASA approved
  • Light weight
  • Curved shapes
  • Cuttable on board
  • Many different colors
  • One-piece system