GuideU is the next generation of non-electrical floor path marking systems.

Floor Path Marking System

The safe way out

GuideU adapts to everything

Designed for very easy installation, GuideU is the next generation of non-electrical floor path marking systems. GuideU consists of photoluminescent lighting strips on the cabin floor to guide passengers to the exits in the event of an emergency involving a cabin lighting failure. GuideU is available in many different colors that can be optimally integrated into any cabin design.

GuideU was designed with the customer in mind, combining ease of installation with low weight. No special tools are needed to install the system. The self-sealing design makes end caps obsolete even if cut to length at the installation site. Requiring no assembly whatsoever, the luminescent strips can be used for both galleys and carpeted areas of the cabin.


less weight when GuideU is installed aboard an A380 or Boeing 747 compared to its predecessors

Fillers in various heights allow adapting the light strip assembly height to different carpets. An optional carpet protector can be used in order to protect the carpet edges against damage.
To ensure an easy switching from the former wider/broader series to new versions like the GuideU 1000-series, Lufthansa Technik has developed an innovative GuideU smart adapter, which allows customers to upgrade easily without the need to change or modify the existing carpet.

GuideU - Solutions for social distancing

Keeping distance while boarding

To guarantee physical distancing during boarding our GuideU team developed stickers which can be stuck on the floor path marking system and even on the bins.

For a long-term solution the references can also be printed on our GuideU strips at intervals of 2 meters to ensure long durability.

GuideU Curved Customfit

Now you see it – now you don't

GuideU Curved CustomFit is the latest enhancement of the market-leading non-electrical floor path marking system. These strips are the perfect synergy of the innovative products GuideU CustomFit and GuideU ColourCurve.

The effect is outstanding: perfectly blending with the surrounding carpet both in form, color and structure, they meet even the highest design standards. No wonder Curved CustomFit has received the Red Dot Design Award. Additionally new colors in corporate design or airline logos and advertisement can be developed and used for the light strips. Our printing process ensures a long life of the logos without abrasion and scratching. Every new light strip is designed individually and fully customized.

Brand your floor path marking
GuideU in curved custom fit

Approved by EASA and FAA

Our GuideU system is already approved for most aircraft types by the aviation authorities EASA and FAA. More certifications are in pending. GuideU can be installed line-fit on all common aircraft platforms.

GuideU Exit Signs

Showing the right way

No power source required, unlimited lifetime, zero maintenance and friendliness to the environment: our GuideU Emergency Exit Signs offer all the benefits of the popular floor path marking system. Based on the same photoluminescence technology, the new exit signs replace the existing maintenance-intensive exit signs in the cabin. With an EASA multi-type Supplemental Type Certificate, the new signs are available for all commercial aircraft in use today. They only have to be installed once – either directly at the aircraft manufacturer`s facility or as part of smaller maintenance activities during daily aircraft operation.

GuideU non-electrical floor path marking system

Your benefits

  • No life limit, no maintenance
  • No electrical power required, non-radioactive
  • Light-weight, one-piece system
  • Curved shapes and many different colors. Airline logos can be printed
  • Fully customizable, patented self-sealed design


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Your personal contact

Torben Biehl, Head of GuideU and Lighting

Torben Biehl

Head of GuideU and Lighting

Lufthansa Technik AG

Hamburg, Germany