AeroEngines Europe

Fair & Conference

Stavanger, NO


AeroEngines Europe

  • Radisson Blu Atlantic

AeroEngines Europe is a two day conference attracting senior engine attendees. This is the premier event exclusively dedicated to the trends and issues related to the region's engine MRO community, gathering  stakeholders from across the value chain including airlines, OEMs, MROs, airlines, lessors, suppliers and consultancies.

At the conference which takes place in parallel to the exhibitor showcase, Dietmar Focke, Head of Commercials, Engine Services, will be the moderator of the following panel discussion which takes place on 15 September at 10:00am:

Return and Recovery: Airline Focus on Fleet and Maintenance Strategies

Exploring different projections for the rate of returning passengers and the implications for the operators. What are the consequences on engine and fleet retirements? What can the industry expect, and when? Understanding the different operator philosophies on engine maintenance: using greentime, how long can this last? When are airlines planning full overhaul shop visits? What is the view on sale & leaseback models, is this a long-term solution, or a short term reaction to the crisis?

Furthermore, Linda Anouk Maier-Witt, Product Sales Manager Engine Services, will join the following panel discussion which will take place on 16 September at 9:45 am:

Digitalization and the importance of implementing new technologies for recovery

How has the pandemic impacted the implementation of digital solutions, is now the time to invest in future efficiencies? Data analytics and predictive maintenance, assessing the potential to improve efficiencies in engine shops. What is the potential use for airlines? How can predictive maintenance tools be used to reduce operational costs? Utilising drones and robotics for inspections: how can these tools be effectively implemented into maintenance plans, what are the training requirements? What are experiences of using augmented reality and remote collaboration platforms? How can these be improved for the future?