Saving Big

V2500 common exhaust nozzle
Supply of common nozzle assembly

Lufthansa Technik is able to provide customers a V2500 common nozzle assembly for exchange or as a loan part to bridge a repair cycle. Thus customers no longer have to rely on sourcing their own spares. 

Avoiding difficulties

The common nozzle assembly (CNA) of the V2500 A1 and A5 engines is an engine component only very few operators stock as spare – a price tag of approximately 900,000 dollars is simply too big an investment. If however such a part is damaged and must be repaired, sourcing of a spare can become difficult. To work around this situation, Lufthansa Technik's EPAR division (Engine Parts and Accessories Repair) has acquired the necessary material and is offering it to customers. 

Exchange or Lending

Basically two procedures are now on hand. Either a customer takes an exchange part and pays the exchange fee, or the exchange nozzle is given as loan and returned after repair of the customer's part, in which case a loan fee is invoiced. In both cases, the EPAR repair is billed separately. 

The cost-effectiveness of the repair

Lufthansa Technik has more than 15 years of experience in the repair of the common nozzle assembly. The repair can consist of more than 20 individual processes, with all standard repairs performed within a turnaround time of 28 days. Thus EPAR customers can be sure that a repair is a highly economic alternative to the acquisition of a new CNA. 

Customer benefits offered by Lufthansa Technik

With this new solution offered by Lufthansa Technik, customers can rely on the availability of a CNA, ensuring uninterrupted operation of their aircraft. The CNA is also sent to a customer upfront, if so desired, with Lufthansa Technik Logistik delivering the precious component to any location in the world. Making use of the Airline Support Team (AST® Engines), even the exchange of the CNA can be handled by Lufthansa Technik, if a customer desires. Thus, EPAR is once again providing an efficient solution to operators of V2500A1 and -A5 engines.