Rolls-Royce honors fan blade shop

Bronze and Silver Award
Center of excellence

Engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce has given Lufthansa Technik's Hamburg fan blade shop a Bronze and Silver Award as part of its "Center of excellence"– program. This is the first unit within Lufthansa Technik to have received such an award from Rolls-Royce. 

Important customer awards Lufthansa Technik

Henrik Niedieck, supervisor in the Fan Blade Repair section of Lufthansa Technik's Engine Parts & Accessories Repair (EPAR), and his 24 staff have good reason to be proud: engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce has singled out the fan blade shop for a Bronze and Silver Award. Rolls-Royce is not only an engine manufacturer, but it is also a very important customer for the fan blade shop: all fan blades from Rolls-Royce engines dismantled in Europe or Africa go to Hamburg to be repaired. 

The EPAR team scored highly

Before deciding on such an award, Rolls-Royce examines the shops closely. Quality, turnaround times and many other factors are assessed. The EPAR team scored particularly highly as a result of its transparent control system and the flexibility of its staff. At the beginning of each shift capacity planning and the status of orders are discussed. The order situation and the most important performance parameters are shown on central boards in full view. The aim is to identify any bottlenecks early on so that countermeasures can be taken to defuse them. 

Avoid delays and failures

There are clear, predefined rules for problem situations so that solutions can be initiated without delay. For example, an information card containing information on which machine from Engine Services or from Lufthansa Technik could be used as a substitute in the event of breakdown is attached to every operating resource. 

Ambition for 2013

This transparency in the control of the shop has a positive impact on efficiency and turnaround times. The next award is already within reach: "We anticipate that we will qualify for the Gold Award in 2013,– says Henrik Niedieck confidently.