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Environmental management worldwide

In a company that operates in many different countries the local requirements can differ widely. This affects the requirements for comprehensive environmental protection locally and for the entire company. Lufthansa Technik tackles this through its environmental management structures. Environmental managers in the individual companies of the Lufthansa Technik Group work closely together to continually improve environmental performance world-wide. 

Sites within Germany

At the local level Lufthansa Technik works with a number of organizations with the aim of together promoting environmental efforts and reducing the environmental impact. Thus, Lufthansa Technik is a founding partner of the Eco-Partnership Hamburg, a body whose members come from industry, government and administration and which has set itself the goal of encouraging companies to take responsibility themselves on environmental protection and deregulation. Lufthansa Technik is also a member of similar organizations in Hesse and Brandenburg.

The central environmental management tasks of Lufthansa Technik's German sites include waste management (obligations of waste producers, record-keeping, documentation, controls, measures to reduce and recycle waste, waste disposal tenders), protection of lakes and waterways and emission control (documentation, assessment and analysis, research into the causes of deviations, support for waste water treatment facilities) and resource management (assessment of potential savings, e-mobility, energy savings at the stations). Specific measures undertaken at the various sites include modern waste collection points, the electric cars used in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, a newly built cogeneration plant in Hamburg and the construction of facilities for the treatment of waste water and process water. 

Locations worldwide

Lufthansa Technik also supports sustainable environmental management worldwide. Through a variety of measures, from building refurbishments to investment in an in-house power supply, to raising the awareness of its staff in their everyday use of energy the company intends to make a contribution towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption at every one of its sites. For example, an in-house building standard which is in force throughout the Group is helping to steadily improve energy efficiency at Lufthansa Technik sites worldwide.

Some of the subsidiaries are already certified to international environment standard ISO 14001 and to the OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment System) standard. The long-term objective is to obtain certification for all the subsidiaries. To achieve this objective, a number of measures are being implemented in the areas of energy conservation, building refurbishment, water conservation, efficient lighting, waste management and heat production and reduction.