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Environmental services for customers

Being inseparable from society at large, companies today face the challenge of sustainable positioning and development both globally and locally. For some years the environmental and climate protection requirements placed on aviation in particular have been steadily getting tougher. At the same time emissions trading and rising fuel prices have imposed additional cost pressure on aerospace companies. Environmental protection therefore holds out the promise of gaining competitive advantage from ecological products and of reducing the environmental impact (for example, from carbon dioxide, noise and the use of hazardous substances).

In the context of these efforts Lufthansa Technik has developed a number of maintenance and repair methods that are helping to improve the environmental compatibility of air transport, for example, by reducing fuel consumption during flying operations. Most of these products and services have been developed either in Lufthansa Technik's Innovation department or else in collaboration with various sister companies and subsidiaries (e.g. Lufthansa German Airlines, LSG Sky Chefs, Lufthansa LEOS). New research projects are constantly being carried out and the data gathered analyzed for the purpose of obtaining up-to-date facts and figures on the progress of these environmental efforts. Sustainable innovations have been initiated in the areas of engines, aerodynamics and weight, cabin furnishings and e-mobility.