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Responsibility for the environment

Greater sustainability through environmental management

Sustainable environmental protection is a duty that Lufthansa Technik AG takes very seriously. As the market leader in the maintenance of aircraft, engines and aircraft components, the company sees itself as a pioneer in the effective and economic use of resources. Accordingly, Lufthansa Technik has had a separate Environmental Protection department since 1978. An environmental management system was introduced in 1993, and since 1999 this has been certified to international environmental standard ISO 14001. To qualify for this certification it is necessary not only to have functioning environmental management in operation, but to also have put in place specific goals, measures and the means for assessing the attainment of these goals. Health and safety at work is also certified to international standard OHSAS 18001. 

Aim of environmental endeavors

The purpose of Lufthansa Technik's environmental endeavors is to improve the company's environmental performance. Key issues here are the economic use of resources, enhancement of energy and material efficiency in the individual processes, the integration of environmental considerations into all company activities and the development of MRO products that improve the environmental performance of all its customers. Lufthansa Technik therefore promotes innovation and environmental protections through active involvement in national and international forums. The company works with manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus to promote the replacement of particularly hazardous substances in the maintenance processes by less hazardous ones.

In this connection the diversity within the Lufthansa Technik Group offers a major opportunity in the search for creative and innovative environmental protection solutions. As a result of regular meetings and the ongoing exchange of information between all the environmental protection officers in the Lufthansa Technik Group there is a transfer of "best practices" and environmental protection projects are run jointly. In this way Lufthansa Technik is developing environmental protection standards that apply in the entire Lufthansa Technik Group. These include the definition and capture of key environmental figures for the Lufthansa Technik Group in a standard way that applies world-wide. Standardized monitoring allows the environmental impact of the Lufthansa Technik Group to be assessed in a uniform manner worldwide, ensuring a common basis for environmental protection targets and measures. 

Customers benefit from:

  • Innovative solutions for better environmental performance throughout the life-cycle of an aircraft
  • Environmental conservation services tailored to the customer's needs
  • Measures to increase service life and hence the efficiency of technical systems
  • High standards in usage and established processes for the substitution of substances that have a negative impact on the environment
  • High environmental standards throughout the Lufthansa Technik Group worldwide
  • A firmly established and certified environmental management system at Lufthansa Technik.