Product Engineer for Floor Path Marking

Fascinated by shining strips

Creative for safety

When Katharina Wiele refers to the lighting strips of GuideU, her face also lights up with enthusiasm. She works as a product engineer in the team, which looks after enhanced development, distribution and customer care for the non-electrical floor path marking system from Lufthansa Technik. Her tasks are highly diverse – from the initial idea through development and qualification, to approval and documentation – she takes responsibility for all aspects. Being inventive and creative is just as much part of her everyday work as producing documents. 

We develop a tailored solution for every customer. The customer sends us a carpet sample and we try out the basic color and the printing.

Katharina Wiele

Product Engineer for GuideU

Product Development

Small holes – big impact

When Katharina Wiele is developing something new, her office sometimes looks a bit like a testing laboratory. Small test set-ups can be found directly next to her desk. One recent example for such a development is GuideU CustomFit. The customer wanted to fully integrate the safety strips into the carpet – a particular challenge, as the basic brown tone of the carpet physically blocks the recharging of the strips. The pivotal idea was inspired by the perforated promotional films on some buses: In just the same way that these films allow a view out the window, small holes in the overprint of the GuideU strips ensure that the strips can recharge sufficiently – a new product was born. "Many of our decisions are customer-driven," Katharina Wiele resumes. 

Customer Care

Time is always the biggest challange

Apart from new developments, Katharina Wiele also looks after customers worldwide, responding with her colleagues every day to numerous e-mails. Her travel schedule is quite full. She supports customers on-site and also attends trade fairs. "Time is always the biggest challenge for us," she says. "Queries are generally urgent so we have a tight schedule. You have to be well organized." For new aircraft types, the team has to make sure that GuideU meets all of the relevant requirements. Another increasingly demanded task is the testing of LED light scenarios. "Imitating a red sunrise will now charge the strips for example," she explains. "The lighting scenario must be adjusted in such way that the strips charge sufficiently and the safety requirements are fulfilled." 


Katharina Wiele

Katharina Wiele came to Lufthansa Technik as part of a dual study program at the University of Applied Science in Hamburg. She studied aeronautical engineering and graduated first with a Bachelor of Engineering and then Master of Science. During her practical work experience, she gained a good impression of a wide range of different areas of Lufthansa Technik. Following graduation, she joined the GuideU team directly and has qualified as in engineer also in recent years. 

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