Video: Virtual Cabin Model

When a new cabin is installed in a customer aircraft in the Completion Center of VIP & Executive Jet Solutions, up to now the "fitting" – or "Fitcheck" – has always followed the same procedure: the various elements of the cabin are designed in line with the customer's wishes in the mock-up center, built in the workshops and then installed in the customer aircraft by way of test fitting. With the aid of the results of the "Virtual Fitcheck" research project, for which a patent application has been filed, the old procedure has been not just amplified but effectively revolutionized. 

For more than two years engineering and IT staff of Lufthansa Technik AG have been working with representatives of five universities on this research project with the aim of shortening the process chain of the Fitcheck. The objective is to develop working techniques and methods that will ensure most of the components fit the first time around. This will mean that the fitted elements no longer have to then be removed, adjusted and reinstalled; instead, they will remain in the customer aircraft after the very first installation. The virtual test fitting has the effect of reducing to a minimum the number of changes required to the real components, thus reducing significantly the length of the aircraft layovers. 

Customer advantages

  • Reduced lead time
  • Reduced downtime of the aircraft
  • Enhanced product
  • Simplified design definition