Three-In-One-Solution - TIOS+

Now available for Ka-band

Lufthansa Technik‘s Two-In-One-Solution (TIOS) and Three-In-One-Solution (TIOS+) are tail mounted solutions for BBJ 1, BBJ 2, soon BBJ 3 and subsequently BBJ MAX. Now, TIOS+ can also accommodate Ka-band frequency antennas. At present, the Honeywell MCS-8000 system and the Viasat Global Aero Terminal 5510 have been integrated. These antennas can either be installed standalone or in combination with other Ku/L-band antennas. As an option, a forward looking HD camera can be integrated. The TIOS+ Ka installations will be covered by STC‘s held by Lufthansa Technik. 

Upgrade package Ku/L to Ka

For customers who already have a conventional TIOS installation for Ku/L-band and wish to upgrade their aircraft to the Ka-band technology (TIOS+), Lufthansa Technik has developed a one-stop-shop solution. This upgrade kit can be installed at the completion center of your choice. It consists of the parts needed for the upgrade from TIOS Ku/L to a Ka-band installation. The costs for the installation of the TIOS+ Ka upgrade package is significantly lower compared to a new TIOS+ or a fuselage mounted installation. 

TIOS Ku/L still available

TIOS Ku/L will remain in the market. A wide variety of antenna systems are covered by STC‘s, held by Lufthansa Technik: e.g. AMT-700, TW500, VR-12T. It is also possible to install a forward looking HD camera as an optional feature. 

TIOS+ saves space and weight

The aerodynamic design and the tailmount installation causes less drag and noise compared to a fuselage mounted solution. Operators can benefit by saving money on the installation and operation of the aircraft. 

The innovative TIOS is produced exclusively by Lufthansa Technik but not limited for the installation in our facility. 
Lufthansa Technik fulfils all requirements for the design and has the 21/G capability to manufacture radomes of every description.