Split scimitar winglets for BBJ

New wing tip design reduces fuel consumption

The aerodynamically optimized split scimitar winglets are a new modification now available for Boeing Business Jets (BBJ). The unique feature of the new design is that it uses the existing blended winglet structure, but adds new aerodynamic scimitar tips and a large ventral strake. The conversion therefore consists of replacing the existing blended winglet aluminum winglet tip cap with a new aerodynamically shaped "scimitar" winglet tip cap and adding a new scimitar-tipped ventral strake. 

Reinforcements of the aircraft structure

In order to install the winglets from Aviation Partners Boeing, various areas in the aircraft structure, particularly in the wing tanks, have to be reinforced. The modification requires a trailing edge wedge, strengthened stringers and ballast weight. The new winglet design has demonstrated a significant drag reduction over the basic blended winglet configuration, offering fuel savings of 1.6 percent on sectors of 1,000 nm rising to 2.2 percent on sectors of 3,000 nm. This equates to an extra 65 nm range. 

First split scimitar winglets modification in Europe

Lufthansa Technik is the first MRO provider in Europe to install split scimitar winglets on a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ). As Aviation Partners Boeing, manufacturer of the retrofit kit, provided the customer with an exchange set, the complete modification required just ten days. The conversion usually takes about four weeks. The Lufthansa Technik team can also carry out the complex painting tasks associated with the installation.