Partner of choice for new aircraft

Turning visions into profitable business

The experience gained during the introduction of new aircraft types makes Lufthansa Technik the partner of choice to provide support for the newest airliner generation. We have been launch partners many times in our 50-year jet services history. Lufthansa Technik provides expert assistance from the very beginning and helps to turn the vision of a new aircraft into a working, profitable and enduring reality. We take part in the design processes, thus optimizing later maintenance operations of the aircraft. We support a constructive dialogue between all partners involved, thus helping to foresee problems and mobilizing all our experience to avoid them. 

Thinking ahead

The introduction of new aircraft requires investments in infrastructure, equipment and training. In order to achieve these goals, Lufthansa Technik creates partnerships with other airlines and selected manufacturers. We make sure that all the necessary maintenance facilities and engine shops, component supply chains and engineering capabilities are up and running well in time before the future operators are challenged with the entry into service of their new aircraft type. 

Proven competence

We are one of the world's leading MRO providers, with a global fleet of well over 2,000 aircraft of all types in our care. In addition, Lufthansa can look back at five decades of jet aviation and a strong role in the history of designing and specifying several of today's most successful airplane families such as the Boeing 737. Lufthansa has been the launch customer for many airplanes of Airbus and Boeing, including the 737, 747-400, A300/310, A319, A340 and the 747-8. By working closely together with our customers we help to feed back valuable experience from day-to-day operations to the manufacturers. 

Fleet integration of new aircraft

Many airlines operate new and mature fleets in parallel. With familiar technology and established processes on the one side, and new technologies, new tooling, new support processes and supplementary training on the other, the fleet introduction of any new aircraft requires an integrator such as Lufthansa Technik to facilitate worry-free operation. Since we've introduced new aircraft fleets to more than 200 operators, merging new jet generations with existing fleets into one product is our daily bread.