Media Trolley

Safe storage and in-flight charging of handheld devices

Handheld devices like iPads® are a new way of enjoying in-flight entertainment (IFE). The Media Trolley is Lufthansa Technik's perfect solution for safe storage, synchronization and convenient charging of multiple devices at the same time and in-flight. The unit looks like a standard half-size catering trolley and helps provide passengers a special treat: a full plate of entertainment. 

  • Media Trolley
    Media Trolley looks like a standard half-size catering trolley.
  • Media Trolley
    It enables carriers to easily distribute and recollect IFE devices.
Easy distribution and synchronization

Media Trolley enables carriers to easily distribute and recollect IFE devices just like a meal – up to 30 devices at a time. With just one standard plug, all the devices can be charged at the same time and in-flight. The 30 devices can be synchronized with one computer connected via a single USB port. LED indicators monitor the charging and uploading process for each device. 

Safe stowage of devices

Large numbers of devices are securely stowed away for take-off and landing in one Media Trolley. The trolley itself can be safely stored in a galley like any standard trolley. Its lightweight design complies with aircraft weight and balance requirements, and its charging system is fully qualified for in-flight use. Lithium-ion battery failure detection with suppression and containment features provides the ultimate in in-flight safety. 

Perfect match for connectivity solutions

Media Trolley, IFE devices of choice, BoardConnect and Ka-band are all a perfect match. With BoardConnect, Lufthansa Systems offers a wireless streaming solution to provide passengers with in-flight media content. Upgrading to Ka-Band with Lufthansa Technik as installation partner allows access to the only satcom network that guarantees a minimum speed for on-board online applications. And the Media Trolley is the convenient solution for storing and handing out devices to passengers for the perfect in-flight entertainment experience. 

Customer advantages

  • Convenient distribution of devices to passengers
  • Safe stowage of a large number of devices
  • Easy charging with one single plug
  • Customized designs available
  • Lithium-ion battery safety features