Maintenance Tooling

Lufthansa Technik supports its customers by providing tools and devices required during maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft. Customers may also rent or buy tools and equipment. The array of aircraft maintenance tools covers all kinds of maintenance tasks and current aircraft types. Aircraft tooling is delivered by Lufthansa Technik's aircraft overhaul and modification specialists in Hamburg and the company's ground support specialist, Lufthansa LEOS. Customers benefit from Lufthansa Technik's extensive experience in planning and sourcing tools as well as the special quality of tools developed in-house. 

Engineering support

As a certified EASA Part-21/J design organization, Lufthansa Technik also develops innovative proprietary tools. According to the customers' needs customized tool specification can as well be developed. In addition to increased efficiency, the tools are often universally applicable, improve handling and safety of the technicians working on the aircraft and particularly save time and costs. The implementation of tooling at the customer's facility is another possibility. Consulting services and the equipment of docks and back-shops complement the portfolio. 

Base maintenance tooling

Lufthansa Technik offers all mechanical tools necessary for base maintenance and modifications from a wrench to hoists and test tools for oxygen or fuel systems. Moreover, the company offers tools for NDT (non-destructive testing) and special tooling, e.g. hot bonding (bonding molds for aircraft CFK parts), drilling devices to change structural parts and the design of tool kits such as crimp tool kits. 

Avionics tooling

Lufthansa Technik's range of avionics tools covers quality inspections of cockpit systems, repair and handling of cable harness crimp tools as well as avionics tools. The company also developed a tester for seats respectively IFE electronics and an air/ground simulator for the Airbus fleet which helps to reduce the turnaround time. 

Ground support equipment

Lufthansa LEOS' engineers draw from decades of experience in developing optimized tools and equipment for the needs of the airline industry. The modular system enables LEOS to offer maintenance and manufacturing-related equipment and services custom-tailored to each customer's requirements, ranging from engine and APU handling through to aircraft lifting, ram air turbine testing as well as landing gear and fuel tank inspection equipment.