Engine Life Cycle Services

For aircraft engines nearing the end of their service life, Lufthansa Technik has developed The completely customizable product ensures the operator the most cost-effective MRO solution for this phase of engine life. 

New thinking

When an aircraft fleet is destined for phase-out, the engine service paradigm changes from overhaul to the provision of thrust. The priority now is on attuning the measures taken in an overhaul or repair as precisely as possible to the desired remaining service life. Lufthansa Technik's product accommodates customer needs in this period in the optimum manner. 

Tool box flexibility

Covering the range from single shop events to entire fleets, the service spectrum offers utmost flexibility. Lufthansa Technik's engineers know precisely which overhaul of an engine part is essential if the desired remaining life is to be achieved – and where it is not worthwhile. The array of options offers ranges from a reduced depth of penetration during an overhaul to replacing an engine completely, for example with a leased engine. Numerous further tools are essential, from on-site repairs by Lufthansa Technik's Airline Support Teams (AST®) to the use of surplus parts or modules. 

Competitive advantage

For engine types approaching the end of their life cycle offers an overhaul solution that brings a host of benefits to the operator. Minimized MRO costs, cash flow optimization and operational flexibility are standing out. Thus is your guarantee that the fleet phase-out or rollover phase will be handled as cost-efficient as possible. 

Customer advantages:

  • Minimized costs
  • Flexible tool box
  • LLP management
  • for owned or leased engines
  • Risk reduction
  • Performance edge