Repair & Overhaul

Measurable cost savings and accountable turnaround times

A landing gear combines a multitude of parts, large and small, all of them intricately meshed. Working on it therefore requires a process chain with an outstanding degree of coordination among all participants. Lufthansa Technik's Landing Gear Services has designed flow-principled workshops and provides vast in-house capabilities at its four landing gear overhaul facilities worldwide.

To avoid ground time for repairing or overhauling landing gear, a set going into overhaul is immediately replaced by a spare. Lufthansa Technik has an exchange gear pool of hundreds of spares – a capital-intensive service that, in conjunction with sophisticated logistics, keeps your aircraft in the sky and brings your budget down to earth.

During overhaul, a landing gear proceeds through a sequence of predetermined stages, from disassembly to stripping, damage assessment, electroplating and beyond. The disassembly of an aircraft's landing gear sometimes brings surprises to light. Corrosion, for example, can call for especially extensive repair work. To minimize episodes like this, Landing Gear Services works closely together with Lufthansa Technik's Line Maintenance to optimize washing and lubrication protocols, resulting in measurable cost savings and reduced scrap rates.

Additionally, Lufthansa Technik cooperates in basic research with universities, for instance in pioneering the automated stripping of landing gear components, which reduces undesirable material stress. We're also anticipating future technologies such as HVOF, Zn-Ni plating and composite parts. All these efforts ensure that Lufthansa Technik is ready for new materials, manufacturing methods and repair processes as soon as they are implemented.