Safety and easy savings

GuideU offers many benefits for your fleet
Lower weight and lower costs

The GuideU 1000-series provides the most efficient light-weight design, saving about 30 percent in comparison to the predecessing 900-series.

One example for weight and fuel savings with GuideU is the Lufthansa fleet: About 100 Lufthansa aircraft are equipped with the GuideU 1000-series. The Lufthansa long-haul fleet is completely retrofitted since 2015. The annual fuel savings achieved by replacing the heavier 900-series with GuideU 1000 amount to more than 170 tons of kerosene per year. This equals annual savings of more than 130,000 euros. 

Easy installation and high reliability

GuideU is easy to retrofit, no special tools are needed. The strips do not have to be assembled and can be used for galleys and carpeted areas of the cabin. The self-sealing design makes end caps obsolete. Only two part numbers are needed for the whole aircraft, resulting in significant savings in the logistics and assembly processes.

The improved scratch protection makes GuideU more resistant to mechanical stress and aggressive fluids. The special design allows the combination with every carpet height. GuideU requires no power supply, and therefore is 100 percent reliable. Contrary to electrically operated systems GuideU is maintenance free and has no lifetime limitation. 

Designed to fit your aircraft cabin

Designed to fit in every cabin GuideU is the ideal solution for all airlines and the highest design standards. It is available in 20 different colors. The new color option Titanium Grey is darker than any other light strip, but satisfies the authority requirements as all the other colors. Thanks to an innovative manufacturing method GuideU can follow the curvature of your cabin design by enabling curves and lines of any shape. ColourCurve is an optional feature exclusively available on new Airbus aircraft. 

Standard for many Airbus, Boeing and regional aircraft

Lufthansa Technik is the leading floor path marking system supplier for aircraft manufacturers. GuideU is the first and only non-electric floor path marking system installed line-fit by Airbus since 1999. Boeing installs GuideU in twin-aisle aircraft. The system has been selected as standard floor path marking for the future Airbus A350 and Bombardier CSeries and is available for all new aircraft types. In the regional aircraft market, GuideU is installed ex-factory in the Bombardier CRJ family of regional jets, the Q-Series turboprops and in the Embraer E-Jet family.