For a heavenly sleep

Flexidreamer is Lufthansa Technik's answer to a question that is constantly raised in connection with the design of the sleeping quarters in a VIP aircraft, if not even earlier: what mattress is really suitable for use in VIP aircraft? Whereas in the past the compromise solution was to use a commercially available product, the new Flexidreamer mattress satisfies all requirements for an aviation product. 

Comfort and flexibility

Flexidreamer is based on a patented design by Lufthansa Technik. It features a core of foam material that is covered with special fabric. This design allows to adjust the Flexidreamer firmness to suit individual preferences. In this way Flexidreamer reproduces the different grades of firmness that is familiar from premium- grade commercial mattresses – your guarantee of ultimate sleeping comfort.

To simplify the selection process for designers and engineers, Lufthansa Technik offers the mattress in different standard sizes. Additionally Flexidreamer can be customized to nearly any contours, so that designers have the maximum freedom. 

Certified for aircraft applications

Flexidreamer was specifically developed and tested for use onboard aircraft. Only materials that have passed the necessary flammability test are used in the manufacture of these mattresses by Lufthansa Technik's specialists. If required, appropiate notches and strap holes are incorporated in the mattress to allow the use of safety belts.

With Flexidreamer Lufthansa Technik VIP & Executive Jet Solutions offers a product that is certified for airborne use while at the same time meeting the comfort requirements of the most demanding customer – the optimal solution for use in a VIP aircraft. 


  • Length 185-220 cm
  • Width 70-100 cm and 140-200cm
  • Height 10-30cm
  • Specific Weight approx. 65g/ltr