More than small change

Tubes and ducts repair
Expensive parts – immense rewards

Engine Parts and Accessories Repair (EPAR) has focussed on repair methods for tubes, ducts and hoses which offer immense rewards for the customers.
Engine tubes, ducts and hoses are pretty expensive – with prices ranging from several 100 Dollars up to 40,000 Dollars per unit. With a typical engine installation comprising about 200 tubes and hoses, the cost of an entire kit can easily approach a million dollars. Thus during an engine overhaul, where these parts have a scrap rate between five to ten percent, up to 60,000 Dollars must be invested in spares.

Manual requires lapsed due to repair solutions

The EPAR Tubes and Ducts shop in Berlin approaches this problem. This Center of Excellence staffed with 75 experienced employees has developed numerous repair solutions for expensive parts, which are performed in its 2,500 sq. m. facility at the Berlin Schoenefeld airport. The repairs offer substantial economic gains. A pneumatic duct for the CFM56-5A/B with a value of 34,000 Dollars is a case in point. According to the manual the part is beyond repair if the flange is cracked. EPAR offers an EASA/FAA DER approved repair method, that costs less than five percent of a new spare. Another example: The manual also requires replacing the LPT air cooling tube of the CFM56-5B, if the flange shows cracks. Again, EPAR is able to perform an approved repair for a fraction of the cost of a new replacement. 

Further savings potential of engine tubing kits

In addition to the multitude of economic repairs available for most popular engine types, the Tubes and Ducts shop offers further savings potential, for example by using surplus material or PMA parts. With competitive prices and short turn-around and delivery times the shop offers all prerequisites to drastically lower the cost of an engine tubing kit. 

Customer advantages:

  • EASA/FAA DER approved repairs
  • available for CFMI, GE, IAE, PW and RR engines
  • available for HS-APU APS 2000, 2100, 2300, 3200
  • repair prices below market average
  • competitive and flexible turnaround times