Big savings with bulkhead panel repair

Economic repair solution for the CFM56-5C
Repairing instead of scrapping

With two straightforward repair processes for the CFM56-5C bulkhead panel, Lufthansa Technik's EPAR division offers a dependable and economic solution that avoids the cost of a spare part. The fire shield bulkhead panels of a turbofan isolate the thermal area from adjacent structural parts and protect the engine in case of flashback. During incoming inspections of CFM56-5C turbofans, Lufthansa Technik frequently observed strong wear on the support plates of the low pressure turbine cooling manifold tube support. With wear on the support plates over limit it is not possible to service or repair the unit – the Engine Shop Manual (ESM) does not offer a repair solution – so the part has to be scrapped and replaced with a spare part that costs over 10,000 dollars for a quarter segment. 

Re-engineered locally manufactured part

Always on the lookout for the more efficient solution, however, Lufthansa Technik's EPAR division developed a repair process that comprises replacing the worn support plates with re-engineered locally manufactured parts. The new support plates are manufactured from the same material as the originals. Form, fit and function are identical with the exchanged parts. 

Also repairing the seal retaining lip

Another fault regularly found during inspection was severe damage to the seal retaining lip. The ESM limits the damage to not more than ten percent of the material thickness. Lufthansa Technik therefore now performs a DOA/DER weld repair to restore the worn seal retaining lip to original drawing requirements. Both new repairs are available now. They are highly efficient and again benefit the customer by avoiding the need to scrap parts – yet another example of Lufthansa Technik's approach of providing the most economic solution without compromising reliability or safety. 

Also repairing the seal retaining lip

First published in Lufthansa Technik Connection – May/June 2012