Smart idea cuts repair time

A new procedure developed by Lufthansa Technik
A cost-effective solution

Wear and tear on the front and aft seals on bearing no 2. of the PW4000-94 usually results in oil leakage. Oil smell in the cabin is the inevitable consequence. The ensuing repair usually entails a huge amount of work, before bearing no. 2 and the front seal can be replaced, it is necessary to take the low-pressure turbine (LPT) apart. Only after the core engine has then been removed it is possible to gain access to the bearing. Due to a new process, it is possible to replace the seals quite simply.

A new procedure and a suitable tool enable the repair to be carried out without dismantling the LPT (Low Pressure Turbine) and the core engine. The savings achieved with the new procedure are considerable: it is now possible to dispense with eight shifts x three technicians. As the new procedure can be carried out on-site, a customer whose PW4000-94 engine has developed a problem in the area of bearing no. 2 can now avoid the need for dismantling of the engine and the long engine downtime that this would entail. Assuming there are no other defects, the additional cost of transporting the engine to a shop can also be avoided. The new procedure is thus a uniquely cost-effective solution and underlines once again the exceptional capability of Lufthansa Technik engineers to innovate.