At the pulse of the CFM56

Get the best out of the engine for the operators

Lufthansa Technik has been overhauling CFM56 engines since 1985 – with over 2,500 covering every version, having passed through its shops up to now. No other manufacturer-independent engine shop has accumulated such extensive experience. But there is more to it than these down-to-earth statistics suggest: given that it supports a global customer fleet of more than 2,000 aircraft on a day-to-day basis, Lufthansa Technik offers its customers the combination of unrivalled experience and the additional resources of an operator which translates into highly efficient and cost-saving maintenance.

For example, Airline Support Teams (AST®) have a whole range of on-wing and on-site solutions. Through highly targeted measures these teams can get an extra 5,000 flying hours or even more out of the engine. In this way customers can make more effective use of life limited parts (LLPs) and also of the service life of non life limited parts – the end result being to significantly improve efficiency. At the pulse of the engine – at Lufthansa Technik this is true in more than one respect. 

Better technologies for the CFM56

Thanks to the long-established Engine Condition Monitoring (ECM), which provides engineers with an accurate picture of the engines in their care, the "pulse" of a CFM56 looked after by Lufthansa Technik is directly visible. Analysis of key parameters enables problems to be anticipated early on and work scopes to be planned precisely well in advance. The data also allows conclusions to be drawn about the effectiveness of modifications and repairs, so that Lufthansa Technik can press ahead with repair development work in selective areas. At the same time ECM trends also enable recommendations to be made for line maintenance, for example, for a water wash.

Lufthansa Technik is certified as a maintenance organization, a design organization and a production organization. This threefold competence serves as the basis for the development of its own repair methods, something that Engine Services expertly pursues. Lufthansa Technik is working intensively on thermodynamic modeling of the engines, with the aim of understanding exactly which components are relevant to the EGT margin. Especially on the CFM56-5C, Lufthansa Technik has invested a lot with a view to reducing the variation in EGT margin. Today it is possible to predict the effects of individual measures on EGT margin a lot more accurately. As a result, Lufthansa Technik produces in a much tighter band today than a few years ago. 

Value added in CFM56 operations

Lufthansa Technik's proprietary repairs also offer repair possibilities in situations where other engine shops can only scrap parts because the only solution they are able to offer their customers is an expensive new part. The performance offered by these repairs is often so convincing, that the OEM incorporates them into the engine manual. In addition to these engine manual repairs, Lufthansa Technik's service spectrum features a number of procedures which in some cases were developed jointly with the OEM. At Lufthansa Technik, CFM56 operators can therefore choose from an unrivalled range of services and repairs. In this way the outcome of a shop visit at Lufthansa Technik is an engine with an excellent EGT margin and very low fuel burn. And on top of that it will have a very good service life: the time on-wing of engines overhauled by Lufthansa Technik, such as the CFM56-5C for the Airbus A340 and the -5A, is well above the industry average.

Lufthansa Technik offers complete life cycle support for the CFM56, starting from the specification of an engine and extending through operational support to profitable teardown at the end of service life. As an authorized warranty repair station for CFM56 engines, Lufthansa Technik is also a strong partner when it comes to warranty and insurance claims. With this impressive portfolio, Lufthansa Technik is able to support customers in engine management matters exactly in accordance with their wishes, whether it is a matter of a simple overhaul, a transportation operation, organizing engine changes, providing a spare engine or having a representative on-site in the maintenance control center of the customer who prefers to outsource all its engineering services. The broader the scope of services requested by the customer, the more pronounced the benefits of such a system solution are compared with the pure shop visit logic. So all in all Lufthansa Technik offers a distinctly impressive and competitive package.