Dedicated Engine Teardown Shop in the USA

Dedicated shop

Engine teardown is an important source of surplus parts for engine repair and overhaul work. Specific industry requirements and Lufthansa Technik's strong interest in using dismantled parts have led the company to set up a dedicated shop to handle this work. Originally the shop was located at Lufthansa Technik in the Philippines. In April 2014, the facility was successfully relocated to the heart of the USA. Lufthansa Technik Engine Teardown, which is dedicated to providing customized solutions, is now even closer to our customers. BizJet International, a 100% Lufthansa Technik subsidiary located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is operating a brand new teardown production line. The facility offers capabilities for PW4000, V2500, CF6-80 and the entire CFM family. Additionally, Lufthansa Technik has set up a customer service team in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. These facilities enable Lufthansa Technik to manage and offer the full suite of engine teardown services in the USA. 

Optimum use of parts

Concentrating the work in a one-stop shop that handles the entire process has simplified matters considerably. It has much improved Lufthansa Technik's ability to meet the primary interest of engine teardown customers, which accomplishing the entire teardown process as quickly as possible and getting the best possible use out of the parts obtained as a result.

Teardown contracts normally grant Lufthansa Technik the right of first refusal of interesting parts and the approach of using engine teardown as a source of material to supply Engine Overhaul Services with spare parts has proven highly successful. Availability not only comes at a lower price, the use of used parts with a limited remaining service life enables Lufthansa Technik to tailor engine repairs exactly according to customer specifications. 

Online communication tool

To enable customers to make the most of their engine parts real quick, Lufthansa Technik has established a highly useful online communication tool. Through Lufthansa Technik's Technical Operations WebSuite manage/m®, every customer is provided online access to his assets through the m/progress/engine-teardown function. This tool is a unique selling point in the market and gives Lufthansa Technik a very high acceptance among customers.