Engine Assessment

Profound estimations of engine values

The organization buying an engine and the lessee or lessor of an aircraft are confronted by the same situation: the condition, and therefore the value of the engines is very difficult to appraise by appearance. 

Transparency is the key

With the Engine Assessment product, Lufthansa Technik Engine Services now offers an answer to this question, thus giving the potential purchaser or operator of an engine a quality protection. Under Engine Assessment, the competencies available within Engine Services are harnessed in an efficient manner, and the outcome is a reliable statement of the technical condition. 

Comprehensive examination

The Engine Services specialists start with the hardware assessment, a physical examination of the engine including a full video boroscope inspection. The engine's documentation is analyzed down to the smallest detail. Here, essential data such as flight hours, flight cycles and EGT margin form only the basis of the data set. These are complemented by a vast number of additional parameters, for example, the status concerning AD/SB compliance, Life Limited Parts (LLP) and Engine Condition Monitoring (ECM) data. Finally, the operating conditions to which the engine has been exposed during its life are also taken into account. 

Expert evaluation

A specialist engineer with decades of experience in the field evaluates the material and prepares an informative report. Images of potential findings, for example generated in the course of the full video boroscope inspection, are provided, with the report focusing on the core variable of the expected remaining life of the engine. As the future operating environment plays an important role in the recommendation, the applicable data are included in the calculation.