Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

Integration and connection of EFB systems

Lufthansa Technik offers a series of options for upgrading aircraft with Electronic Flight Bags (EFB), with different configurations and devices available from laptops to tablets. The system offers outstanding reliability and security. 

Connectivity solution

Lufthansa Technik has introduced a connectivity solution for the EFB. Two Airbus aircraft (A340 and A320) were initially modified for test purposes. Communication between ground stations and aircraft is carried out via ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System). Higher bandwidth transmission between ground stations and aircraft is also possible by switching to the newly available Ka-band communication channel. 

Efficiency increase

EFB connectivity essentially allows the communication channels to be used for additional information. For example, the aircraft position can be transmitted to the ground or the latest weather information can be sent to the cockpit during flight. The availability of up-to-date weather maps allows to change the flight route if necessary. Another option that can likewise improve efficiency considerably is the introduction of 4-dimensional flight planning. The EFB has a special software module installed for this purpose. It combines the flight data with the latest weather information and calculates the most efficient flight path to the destination airport including the optimum speed.

Lufthansa Technik adopts a neutral consultancy stance and integrates the best systems available on the market. This means the customer gets the best possible solution for his needs. 

Customer advantages

  • Commissioning/installation of EFB systems
  • Customer-preferred choice of system
  • Approval handling
  • Flexible connectivity solutions   
  • Data exchange for increased efficiency
  • Easy upgrade of personal devices