Wash dishes on board

Lufthansa Technik's product division Original Equipment Innovation (OEI) has developed a fast, efficient dishwasher for use on board passenger aircraft. DishwashAir is the alternative to carrying along an unnecessary large number of dishes. 

Professional system

The new "DishwashAir" is based on an appliance for catering professionals and – as the name indicates – has been designed to meet the special requirements of washing dishes on board commercial aircraft.
It can be quickly installed on galley tracks and connects to the water, waste water or vacuum systems of the aircraft. To guarantee leakage protection even in the event of rapid decompression, the housing and controls system has been developed in a special way (patent pending). The unit has been qualified and certified to match all relevant requirements of modern jets including any Boeing or Airbus model as well as many Business Jets. DishwashAir comes with a spare part support gurantee of 18 years.

Fast, efficient, convenient

DishwashAir is based on professional hardware and offers fast cleaning cycles of only two minutes for medium dirty items, or six minutes for heavy dirty items, combined with a minimum fresh water consumption of approximately three liters and reasonable electrical power consumption. The tableware and cutlery are placed in dedicated baskets that can also be used to store the cleaned items in standard galley inserts. Wahsing programs and agents are optimized for sensitive materials and decors. Customized baskets for any type of tableware and cutlery can be developed and delivered at short notice. They can be optimized to be used as for stowage also to minimize the handling effort. Moreover the DishwashAir can be used to stow dishes during take-off and landing. 

Operational ease

DishwashAir can be installed facing forward, aft or sideways. The standard front is brushed stainless, but other finishes are available on request. The controls for the appliance are integrated in a touchscreen panel. A front located USB port eases trouble-shooting and updating. DishwashAir can be used on the ground or during flight with the exception of taxi, take-off and landing.