Condition Analytics

Data analysis and engineering know-how on a single platform

Airlines around the globe are seeking ways to maximize the reliability, availability and safety of their fleet while reducing costs. An integrated approach that blends data analysis and engineering know-how optimally on a single platform, Condition Analytics by Lufthansa Technik offers customers exactly this. Much more than just presenting the current condition of a fleet, the platform allows measures to be taken to avoid failures before they actually happen. 

  • Wing mesh
    Condition Analytics by Lufthansa Technik allows measures to be taken to avoid failures before they actually happen.
Digital Fleet Services

Condition Analytics combines state-of-the art condition monitoring with predictive maintenance to go beyond aircraft health management. Engineers and data scientists analyze the flight and MRO data and use them as a basis for developing use cases. Once the analytical model has been developed, the system checks the customer data for relevant incidents and supplies the corresponding results to the customer automatically. Jan Stövesand, Head of Analytics & Data Intelligence, says: "Proving the relationship between correlation and causality is our strength – it is only in such a scenario that use cases can be developed that then also lead to the identification of business cases." 

From good to better

The new platform uses a multi-faceted approach to improve aircraft operations. The result: Reduced fuel consumption, optimized use for expendables and enhanced safety – to name just a few. And this is just the beginning. Engineers and data scientists are working continuously on adding new cases, increasing the benefits of the platform day by day. Dr. Holger Appel, Program Manager Monitoring, Diagnosis and Prognosis, says: "We have intentionally integrated the condition monitoring and predictive maintenance functions because we can thus achieve two targets at the same time – namely efficiently solve both the problems of today and tomorrow." 

Smart approach for data provision

At the heart of condition analytics is the availability of the right data, provided by customers in different volumes in line with their individual requirements. For a smart data approach, initially an Aircraft Condition Monitoring System (ACMS) report customized by the operator is sufficient. Greater benefit is possible with the provision of full flight data that has been reduced to its use case-relevant parameters. 

OEM-spanning platform

Condition Analytics is an independent platform that is not tied to a support contract with Lufthansa Technik. It is an OEM-spanning tool whose highly sensitive data is safeguarded by Germany's rigorous data protection laws. The customer selects the required fleet and the desired use cases and is given access to the online platform. Condition Analytics by Lufthansa Technik is already operational and will be available to customers from the first quarter of 2017. 

Customer advantages

  • Reduced complexity for mixed fleets
  • Safety enhancement
  • Higher availability and operational stability
  • Increased technical dispatch reliability
  • Cost reduction
  • Time-saving