Line Maintenance capabilities

Lufthansa Technik is currently service provider for more than 150 line maintenance customers and proudly looks back on almost 60 years of experience. In addition to EASA/FAA Maintenance Organization Approval, Lufthansa Technik holds approvals from several other National Aviation Authorities. The wide variety of services includes technical handling with or without CRS (Certification of Release to Service) of transit, layover or nightstop aircraft. The technical line support covers routine and non-routine services as well as progressive maintenance checks up to full A-checks on a large number of aircraft types with various combinations of engine types. Please check the current "Capability List Worldwide Stations" for more detailed information. 

Aircraft type Engine
 A318  CFM56
 A319  CFM56
 A319  V2500
 A320  CFM56
 A320  V2500
 A320neo  PW1000
 A321  CFM56
 A321  V2500
 A330-200  PW4000
 A330-200  Trent 700
 A330-200  CF6-80
 A330-300  PW4000
 A330-300  Trent 700
 A330-300  CF6-80
 A340-200  CFM56
 A340-300  CFM56
 A340-500  Trent 500
 A340-600  Trent 500
 A350-900  Trent XWB
 A380  Trent 900
 A380  GP7200


Aircraft type Engine
 737CL CFM56
 737NG CFM56
 747-400 CF6-80
 747-400 PW4000
 747-400 RB211
 747-8 GE GEnx
 757-200 PW2000
 757-300 RB211
 767-300 CF6-80
 767-300 PW4000
 777-200 PW4000
 777-200 Trent 800
 777-200 GE90
 777-300 PW4000
 777-300 Trent 800
 777-300 GE90
 777-ERF GE90
 787 GE GEnx
 787 Trent 1000
 MD-11 CF6-80
 MD-11 PW4000


Aircraft type Engine
 CRJ-100 CF34
 CRJ-200 CF34
 CRJ-700 CF34
 CRJ-900 CF34