Lease Your Cabin

The easy way to a new cabin

Through a unique combination of financing, seat purchasing and engineering, Lufthansa Technik enables airlines to give their cabin product an up-to-date appearance faster than ever before – and generate additional revenue at the same time. Called Lease Your Cabin, the product was designed together with expert financing and seat partners in order to provide maximum value at the lowest possible cost, distributed over the contract period as the revenue is generated. 

  • Lease Your Cabin
    Lease Your Cabin: a unique combination of financing, seat purchasing and engineering
A cabin solution from a single source

With Lease Your Cabin, Lufthansa Technik offers an attractive financing option with its partners, so that high investments at the beginning are no longer required. The new cabin's engineering as well as the definition of the new layout with all the required documentation and authority approvals by Lufthansa Technik's highly experienced Part 21J design organization are part of the package. If required, Lufthansa Technik can remove the old seats and install the new interior at one of its facilities all over the world. 

New cabin in three months only

Our optimized processes enable us to set up a new cabin in only three months – a timeframe that is unachievable for a conventional cabin modification. During the contract period, you pay a lease fee for the seats as you generate the revenue. The very light standard seat of our partner ZIM Flugsitz will be customized to meet your airline-specific colors and branding. 

Unique expertise with strong partnerships

Engineering your new cabin is one of Lufthansa Technik's core competencies, as already proven many times over. The optimized, light-weight seat helps you save fuel costs and at the same time improve your environmental footprint. Its slim design allows you to install more seats in your cabin, offering the same comfort level as the old seats while providing additional revenue potential.