AST® Aircraft Maintenance

Customer Support Center (CSC)
To request help, call +49 40 5070 61111

An AOG situation means great inconvenience and the loss of profit. The Airline Support Team Aircraft Maintenance helps you solve your problems quickly by providing all the necessary services to get your aircraft flying again. Making sure your aircraft earns money is the primary objective of our services. Contact our Airline Support Team and you can go back to concentrating on your core business – flying! 

Central contact point for customers

The Customer Support Center (CSC) based at Frankfurt Airport is the central contact point for customers, and attends to all operational inquiries and AOG requests 24/7. The maintenance service spectrum includes structural repairs, engine changes, landing gear repairs, inspections and any other technical requests. Additionally, the CSC coordinates all technical inquiries with troubleshooting and engineering support. 

Connections to all Lufthansa Technik departments

The CSC coordinates technicians, tooling and logistics support for planned and unplanned repairs either in Frankfurt or on-site wherever the aircraft is located. The Customer Support Center has the best possible connections to all Lufthansa Technik departments and can establish contact any time with the relevant Lufthansa Technik specialists.

The product engineers of Lufthansa Technik are part of the Design Organisation approved by EASA and entitled to develop temporary and final repairs with a Change/Repair Approval Sheet (CRAS). 

Customer advantages

  • Worldwide availability
  • 24/7 hotline
  • Troubleshooting
  • Engineering support
  • Cost-efficient services
  • Contact to all Lufthansa Technik department



  • A320 family
  • A300-600
  • A310
  • A330
  • A340
  • A350 (planned)
  • A380


  • 737
  • 747
  • 757
  • 767
  • 777
  • 787 (planned)
  • MD-11

To request help, call +49 40 5070 61111 – Extension 1: "Aircraft Maintenance"