Composite Repairs

Airframe Related Components – ARC®
ARC® services from nose to tail

The service portfolio of ARC® comprises the testing, repair, maintenance, overhaul and modifications for the full range of aircraft composites, bonded materials and other structural components in use today. The services include comprehensive spare parts supply, asset management, pooling concepts, contract management, PMA as well as engineering support. The service portfolio of ARC® is available anywhere in the world, with repair shops in Asia and Europe. Lufthansa Technik offers its Airframe Related Components services in a network of specialists who are united by the same goal of high-quality at low cost. 

Thrust reverser, engine cowlings and nacelles

From minor structural repairs to reskinning of complete assemblies to actuation system overhaul – Lufthansa Technik ARC® offers a comprehensive portfolio for the repair and overhaul of fan thrust reversers. Airframe Related Components also offers economic solutions for the repair of engine cowlings, using proprietary in-house developed repair processes. With decades of experience in airline technical operations support, Lufthansa Technik ranks among the world's top providers when it comes to engine nacelle repair and overhaul. 

Flight control surfaces and radomes

Lufthansa Technik is a leading provider for the modification, repair and overhaul of flight control surfaces, including ailerons, elevators, flaps, rudders, slats and spoilers. Furthermore, customers have the guarantee that radomes repaired by Lufthansa Technik ARC® fully meet the specifications. Complementing its radome repair capabilities, Lufthansa Technik has the perfect installation and instruments for the transmissivity testing of radomes. 

Repair development, loan and exchange

ARC® engineers work together with both OEMs and airworthiness authorities to develop new repairs and to seek out new technologies for our customer's benefit. What's more, Lufthansa Technik Airframe Related Components operates one of the world's largest pools of thrust reversers, engine cowlings, radomes and flight control surfaces. These major components are offered for both loan and exchange. 

Airline Support Team – AST ® Nacelles & Composites

The Lufthansa Technik Airline Support Teams (AST® Nacelles & Composites) are the perfect solution for fast on-site help. Whatever the problem, our experienced mechanics, engineers, material suppliers and inspectors will find the solution that saves your day with ARC® services that are provided on site at the aircraft location.