Your fleet at your fingertips

Active control of continuing airworthiness tasks

As an MRO company with strong airline background, Lufthansa Technik understands that operators always need to have all the information on the technical status of their aircraft in order to manage the continuing airworthiness of their fleets. Our new applications, which are part of our web-based MRO IT platform manage/m®, offer exactly the transparent overview that an operator needs.

All applications are optimized for mobile use and display real-time data. In combination with our airline-proven processes and continuous quality management system, they ensure that you are always up to date and have active control of your fleet. This short overview gives you an idea of what to expect beginning second quarter of 2016. 

  • Line maintenance in Munich by night
    The new applications for Lufthansa Technik's aircraft engineering customers offer the transparent overview an operator needs.
  • Worldmap of Lufthansa Technik Group
    With the Ground Time View application, you can monitor the current layover status of your whole fleet.
  • Screenshot Fleet Tracker application
    The Fleet Tracker application gives you an overview of the status of your aircraft, sorted by fleets.
  • Worldmap of Lufthansa Technik Group
    All applications are optimized for mobile use, e.g. on the way to your next meeting.
  • Worldmap of Lufthansa Technik Group
    Screenshot of the Structure View application, which offers detailed search and filter functions.
Ground Time View

Ground Time View offers a transparent overview of the layovers of your aircraft. The application spotlights the planned and contracted maintenance tasks as well as their fulfillment. Data from many different sources are combined in a user interface that shows you immediately which maintenance layovers are running smoothly and which ones require a closer look. Ground Time View establishes full transparency through the combination of your flight plan data with the status of planned and finished maintenance tasks, supplemented by further detailed information on your aircraft and related work orders. 

Fleet Tracker

Fleet Tracker enables a highly user-friendly view of your whole fleet for immediate information on the status of your aircraft. The application provides an overview of all your aircraft sorted by fleets. The transparency of an aircraft's status is ensured through the use of different colors and symbols as well as text information. Fleet Tracker is designed specifically for mobile use, e.g. on the way to your next meeting. 

Structure View

Structure View is a functional tool that allows you to track all the defects and repairs in the structure, engines and landing gears of your aircraft. It records all the related data and provides visualized, detailed damage charts for distribution as well as exhaustive filter and report functions to support reliability reviews of the structural maintenance programs.