Boeing 787

Maintaining the dream

With the Boeing 787 Dreamliner a flying reality, operators around the globe face the daily challenge of maintaining an aircraft that was the first of its kind in many of its core technologies. Drawing from its innovative strength and decades of experience at the forefront of aviation technology, Lufthansa Technik is able to ensure worry-free technical operations from the first day of service. 

  • The Boeing 787 is a new kind of plane
  • In-depth Aircraft Production Inspection Program
  • Smooth operation from the first day of service
  • Boeing 787 landing
    Economies of scale in component repair services
  • Operationally proven partner for composite repair
Production Inspection

The early detection, documentation and rectification of production defects enhances reliability in later operation. Lufthansa Technik offers 787 operators and owners an in-depth Aircraft Production Inspection Program (APIP) with highly experienced inspection staff directly embedded in the manufacturer's production facilities. 

Worry-free operation right from the start

The introduction of a new aircraft such as the 787 requires an integrator such as Lufthansa Technik to facilitate a smooth operation from the first day of operations. Merging new jet generations with existing fleets into one product is our core competence. 

Economies of scale in components

Lufthansa Technik offers single-source services, ranging from Single Component Maintenance (SCM) to Total Support Services, that greatly reduce the complexities associated with the provision of spare parts. The combination of in-house repair capabilities, global supplier partnerships and supply chain options means that 787 fleets of any size will enjoy cost benefits normally only achievable by the largest fleets. 

Competence in composite structures

With more than two decades of experience in maintaining commercial aircraft with major composite components, Lufthansa Technik is the operationally proven partner for composite repair and overhaul. Lufthansa Technik has invested substantially in a new large autoclave and automated processes as well as in the research of innovative repair technologies. 

Leading-edge base maintenance services

Relaying on decades of experience in flight and with technically-advanced aircraft, Lufthansa Technik offers leading-edge maintenance services with minimum layover times for the Boeing 787. The services at Lufthansa Technik Shannon as part of the companies' worldwide base maintenance network include modifications, cabin refurbishment, external paint repairs, specialized inspections, airworthiness directives, and compliance checks. 

VIP Completion

Complementing the VIP version of a Boeing 787 is a special task – and one Lufthansa Technik can master. The company has extensive experience with composites and is involved in a number of research programs that address the prerequisites of this modern aircraft. 

Image Map Aircraft Leasing & Trading Support (ALTS®) offers all-encompassing life cycle support for airlines, lessors and banks. Lufthansa Technik's Aircraft Services offers a wide array of flexible and tailored line and base maintenance solutions. Lufthansa Technik is the top organization for all engineering requirements, ensuring maximum aircraft reliability. In the case of an AOG, the 24-hour AOG Help Desk and the Airline Support Teams (AST®) are only a call away. With logistics, technical training, ground support and materials trading, Lufthansa Technik is a leading all-round supplier. Our Engine Services portfolio ranges from repair and overhauls of complete engines to parts and accessories repair. The wide Component Services product spectrum includes single component maintenance as well as complete supply chain solutions.