Cyclean® Engine Wash

The Efficient Engine Cleaning

A clean engine pays off

It's sometimes as easy as this: a clean engine works better and needs less fuel and maintenance – hence, it reduces operating costs and helps protect the environment. But conventional engine washing methods often entail a lengthy, complex process. We developed Cyclean® to solve this drawback.

Our revolutionary technology for washing engines entails a quick and easy procedure: Cyclean® washing stations are available at airports around the world. And in order to be even closer to your operations, we are constantly adding new locations to our worldwide network. Looking into the future, our state-of-the-art engine core cleaning system is now available for the next generations of engines such as PW1100G/1500G and LEAP-1A/-1B. What's more, our design engineers are putting in a lot of research and development effort to further increase the customer benefit of engine washes with new technological approaches.    

“When we look at engine condition monitoring data of various engine types, we see significant and long-lasting benefits from Cyclean® washes. Besides an increased EGT margin and a reduction in fuel flow, customers can also benefit from an increased average on-wing time.”

Oliver Winter, Head of Engine Life Cycle Services

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At any location

Revolutionary technology

The revolutionary technical features of the Cyclean® system enable highly efficient engine cleaning. By injecting vaporized hot water directly into the core engine, a Cyclean® engine wash can be performed in less than one hour at any location at an airport. Since an engine run after the wash is no longer required, the aircraft is ready to return into service directly after the wash. The short service time leads to enormous time savings and makes scheduling a lot easier. Our latest generation of Cyclean® wash units is additionally equipped with an integrated glycol mixing system. In this way, we can add antifreeze, which enables engine washes down to minus ten degrees Celsius.


Save water and fuel, cut down on emissions

Washing an PW1100 regularly with Cyclean® saves up to 80t C02 emissions per year. A wastewater collection system is part of Cyclean®, as we are aware of our environmental needs. The system guarantees a clean and safe collection of the polluted water without any negative impact on the environment.


and more airlines worldwide wash their engine fleets using the Cyclean® system