Consumables & Expendables (C&E)

From ad hoc supply to integrated support
Long-term experience with C&E

Consumables and expendables (C&E) are small parts that can have a big effect. In a worst-case scenario, even a small part that is missing can cause an Aircraft on Ground (AOG). For an optimal supply with C&E materials, aircraft operators need a partner with the kind of expertise that comes only with years of experience. As a one-stop shop, Lufthansa Technik offers ad hoc supply as well as comprehensive services, providing its customers significant cost-cutting potential along with excellent material availability. Lufthansa Technik bundles consumables and expendables from over 1,000 different suppliers and manufacturers, and thus offers its customers a physical supply of over 400,000 part numbers. A large amount of part numbers are permanently on stock in Lufthansa Technik's own warehouses, enabling the company to satisfy most requests directly.

The three different supply concepts relieve the customer's purchasing organization of many challenges in material support.® – ad hoc consumable supply® is Lufthansa Technik's most direct path to an efficient consumable and expendable supply – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and without a fixed contract or minimum order quantity. By contacting Lufthansa Technik for AOG or non-AOG requests, the expert sales team will ensure immediate supply of the material the customer needs. The entry-level service is aimed at customers who want to cover their routine or AOG material requirements without entering into a binding agreement. 

c.more® – classic consumable supply

On the basis of a classic supply contract c.more® offers preferential purchasing terms for a jointly defined spectrum of consumables which are commonly used in the customers operations. The service level c.more® enables aircraft operators to streamline their procurement process and allows them to purchase C&E materials at an easy ordering process. The purchasing conditions are governed by a material price list that is guaranteed for an entire year. 

c.all® – integrated consumable supply

c.all®, the highest service level with guaranteed material availability, satisfies the need for maximum supply security. Within the framework of this C&E solution, Lufthansa Technik assumes the long-term responsibility for planning, ordering and supplying all C&E part numbers for the customer. Since Lufthansa Technik's consumables and expendables experts take care of the material control, airlines are able to focus more closely on their core business. 

Initional Provisioning Study

In addition, Lufthansa Technik provides support for optimizing inventory and process costs for the on-site supply. With Initial Provisioning Studies, experts in consumables and expendables develop customer-specific concepts with the aim of reaching the highest possible material availability at low transport and logistics costs. In each and every case, the customer airline and its individual needs are at the focus of the support. 

Customer advantages

  • Fast and easy supply
  • Customer support with 24/7 AOG service
  • Lower process complexity
  • Cost optimization
  • Guaranteed availability