Management of Component Overhaul and Repair

Management of Component Overhaul and Repair (MORE) is specifically developed to support aircraft layovers. This component service eliminates all the challenges and risks in an aircraft layover.

Aircraft layovers frequently conceal unpleasant surprises. A large number of components suddenly have to be tested, repaired or overhauled, or an aircraft is to be operated in a new region where different aviation regulations require that Very High Frequency (VHF) communications equipment or fuel displays, for example, are modified to local standards. This can cause a rapid rise in the organizational expense involved in processing the repairs, while the risk of exceeding layover time and the related incalculable extra costs increases.

MORE eliminates these problems, which are particularly critical for lease companies. Irrespective of whether the layover takes place at Lufthansa Technik or in another facility, the customer buys guaranteed availability of components within the layover. As part of this service, Lufthansa Technik also organizes door-to-door transportation of components, always using the best transport service. Transportation costs within the EU are included in the price. 

Sound planning and frictionless information

Early information about incoming components is used immediately for planning and logistics by layover repair cycle management in Hamburg. On the one hand shop capacity is planned, while on the other hand downtime is eliminated, for example, through requests for quote. This procedure keeps the replacement rate low. Customers who are not keen to have parts replaced prefer this procedure. But the replacement of components is also included in the scope of supply and the price. To ensure that customers are always informed about their components, a web-based data service provides the necessary transparency: a tracking and tracing function provides information about location and condition.

MORE covers virtually all the components installed in the aircraft apart from major components like engines, auxiliary power units (APU), landing gears and thrust reversers. The costs of testing, repair and overhaul are easy to calculate for the customers as fixed prices are offered for each individual maintenance event. The service is rounded off by a clearly structured statement of costs in excel format which explains the individual components and their shop events.