Ombudsman system

With a view toward ensuring the reporting of information about potential violations of laws or regulations applicable to the conduct of our business (corruption/bribery, fraud, competition and antitrust laws), Lufthansa has set up an ombudsman system. This is an additional preventive measure to ensure legal and ethical business conduct and to help protect Lufthansa and its staff.

The ombudsman function is performed by an external lawyer who is not a Lufthansa employee. The concerned party can submit information to the ombudsman by phone, in writing (email, letter, fax), or in person. The aim is a personal meeting or a personal telephone conversation between the ombudsman and the concerned party. If a concerned party prefers not to disclose his/her identity to Lufthansa, the ombudsman will report the facts brought to his attention to Lufthansa while keeping the concerned party's name and identity confidential.

In fact, Lufthansa and the ombudsman have expressly agreed to waive the disclosure of the concerned party's identity and the surrender of any records and other information obtained, unless the concerned party explicitly agrees to disclosure. This rules out any disclosure of the concerned party's identity to Lufthansa without his/her consent. Further, unless disclosure is required by law, the ombudsman will not disclose the name and identity of the concerned party to any third party without the concerned party's consent. 

Contact details of the Ombudsman:

Dr. Buchert Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
Tel: +49 69 710 33 33 0
Tel: +49 6105 92 13 55
Fax: +49 69 710 34 44 4

The Ombudsman can be reached free of charge with this number: +800 5757 6868

For more information on the reachability of the hotline please refer to the PDF provided for download below.

For calls from the following countries these numbers apply:
USA: 1 855 683 1416
Egypt: 0800 0000782
Chile: 1230 0201011
India: 000800 1005779
Mexico: 0 1800 1231861
Romania: 0800 896151
Ukraine: 0800 503342

Last modification 24 September 2018 

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