Cockpit Modification

Lufthansa Technik Design Organization (EASA Part 21J) provides design services for cockpit modifications. Our engineers develop solutions for mandatory changes, system upgrades and new system integrations. Lufthansa Technik holds numerous generic EASA and FAA approvals and offers customized solutions to match specific operational requirements. 

  • Cockpit modication
    We offer customized solutions for your cockpit to match specific operational requirements.
TCAS – Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System

Lufthansa Technik holds approvals for various configurations and aircraft types – mandatory upgrades like TCAS Change 7.1, airworthiness approvals for unit upgrades or installations of completely new systems. 

ADS – Automatic Dependent Surveillance

ADS-B OUT (NRA) approvals in accordance with DO-260A are available for various aircraft types. Lufthansa Technik supports ongoing developments according to DO-260B, future ADS-B IN and ADS-C configurations. 

EFB – Electronic Flight Bag

From tablet computer-based solutions to fully integrated EFB systems – Lufthansa Technik develops solutions for power supplies, ARINC 429/717, USB or Ethernet data interfaces and the required hardware integration. 

FPDS – Flat Panel Display System

The Flat Panel Display System (FPDS) upgrades the cockpits of Boeing 737 Classic (-300, -400 and -500) as well as 757 and 767 aircraft. Easily installed, the high-resolution displays simplify the flight deck, improve system reliability and reduce maintenance costs. 

GMCS – Ground Maneuvering Camera System

Lufthansa Technik developed a GMCS solution prior to the corresponding FAA recommendation. It is flying today on Lufthansa's 747-8 fleet to extend the pilot's vision with belly- and fin-mounted taxi-aiding cameras. 

CPDLC – Controller Pilot Datalink

Lufthansa Technik offers CPDLC retrofit solutions for various aircraft types supporting ATC/ATN communication via VDL-Mode 2 according to EU reg. 29/2009 and supports ongoing developments regarding CS ACNS. 

Customized solutions

We help to customize new aircraft, retrofit legacy aircraft or develop solutions to match specific requirements (SatCom, cellular GND communication, position tracking, QAR, FDR, FANS etc.)