Not just another seat

The time is right for a revolution in seating. After decades in which VIP and business jet seating only changed its shape or color, passengers want something new at the highest level: the comfort and convenience of the most innovative cabin along with the wealth of options they know from home furnishings and more room to move freely in the cabin. So Lufthansa Technik, as a market-leading VIP interior solution provider, has bundled its exceptional expertise and ideas with the creativity of a highly renowned aircraft interior designer to develop »chair«: space-saving, modern, lightweight, and individually adaptable in design. 

  • chair_three_seats_new
    Engineering, manufacturing and design for life.
  • chair_bed_new
    Developed in bionic harmony with the body.
  • Unlimited range of design possibilities.
  • chair six configuration with table_new
    »chair« enables greater freedom of movement.
  • chair five seats_new
    »chair« is the base for a family of applications.

(Renderings: © Jacques Pierrejean) 

Designed for the most discerning taste

»chair« is not just another seat, it's the aviation-certified 16g base for a whole family of seating applications. The synthesis of German engineering, manufacturing and design for life offers VIP aircraft owners and their designers a virtually unlimited range of possibilities for adapting cabin seating to the real needs of passengers. Made in Germany in cooperation with a premium automotive supplier, all »chair« configurations are based on a seat frame developed in bionic harmony with the human body and an extremely slim load-bearing primary structure. Individually sized ribs, customized upholstery of every thickness, back rests in different heights, ergonomic functions such as leg and arm rests and a variety of other flexible add-on elements produce a hitherto undreamed-of variability. 

More room to move

Less is more, especially in an aircraft, where space is at a premium. Finally interior designers can not only select the perfect seat configuration for every cabin floor plan. Because »chair« enables greater freedom of movement in the most literal sense of the word, they can actually create the floorplan their customers are dreaming of. For example, a spacious conference table is now possible even in a narrowbody jet – surrounded by crashworthiness-compliant (16g certified) »chairs« scaled precisely for this setting and purpose. 

Aircraft seating for the future

With its new design and cabin layout options, global technical support from Lufthansa Technik, and backed by first-rate manufacturing capacities, »chair« meets every requirement for becoming a design classic of the next generation of aircraft furnishings. 

»chair« features

»chair« was developed by Lufthansa Technik in cooperation with Pierrejean Design Studio and Dräxlmaier Aviation GmbH as the manufacturing partner.

  • Saves weight and space
  • 16g ETSO dynamic certification in progress (TSO validation to follow)
  • New levels of comfort
  • New functionalities such as "active seating"
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Unlimited design and layout possibilities