Center Ceiling Stowage+

More stowage space on top

The trend towards a higher number of seats in A320 family aircraft has often led to costly boarding delays due to the limited space in the cabin and especially in the overhead stowage compartments. Center Ceiling Stowage+ (CCS+) is a smart solution by Lufthansa Technik and aircraft component manufacturer FACC to gain more stowage space and enhance passenger comfort. It can be installed at the forward, center and/or aft positions of the aircraft cabin. This solution for high-density cabin configurations helps operators reduce boarding time and thus maximize operating profit. 

  • High-Density Solution CCS
    Center Ceiling Stowage+ (CCS+) is a smart solution to gain more stowage space and enhance passenger comfort.
A flexible solution

The CCS+ module uses the space available in the center ceiling area to store less frequently used equipment such as life rafts, baby bassinets, emergency equipment, crew luggage or newspapers these items. It accommodates considerably more load than its predecessor (38.5 kg instead of 13 kg), and therefore is also suitable for heavier objects, such as life rafts. In addition, this solution can be installed at diverse positions in the aircraft (forward, center and aft), offering a maximum of flexibility for the customer. The short lead time to install the solution means that operators can react quickly to new circumstances. 

Expertise and strong partnerships

To develop CCS+, Lufthansa Technik combined its strong expertise in operational and maintenance requirements with lightweight components specialist FACC. Customers can configure CCS+ according to their individual needs. The possibilities range from consulting services to turnkey solutions as well as Engineering Bulletins (EB) and material kits, and are supplemented by excellent material and logistics services.