CAMO for lessors and banks

Managing continuing airworthiness

Ownership and management of aircraft assets entails the fulfillment of numerous legal requirements. With its CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization) team Lufthansa Technik offers services supporting aircraft owners such as lessors, banks and insurance companies in meeting these requirements.

To smoothen the process of aircraft transitions from one operator to the next, Lufthansa Technik offers services tailored specifically to the unique requirements of lessors and banks.

Lufthansa Technik's CAMO services for lessors and banks include: 

CAMO services

  • Continuing airworthiness management
  • Develop/certify Aircraft Maintenance Programs (AMP)
  • Develop/certify Airworthiness Directive (AD) Status
  • Perform airworthiness reviews

Special services

  • Perform ferry and check/acceptance flights
  • Fly an aircraft with overdue ADs or structural damages
  • Permit to Fly for registered aircraft
  • CofA for Export (temporary German registration)
  • EASA Part 145 Release to Service (temporary German registration)

Other services

  • Aircraft survey reports
  • Structural damage/repair mappings
  • Consulting services for airworthiness topics

Tailored services

The standard portfolio covers the basic requirements. Beginning with airworthiness reviews – Lufthansa Technik staff is authorized to perform such reviews – they go as far as taking on the full responsibility for the management of continuing airworthiness. 

Beyond basics

Aircraft parking and storage, ferry flights, check flights and acceptance flights are performed. The CAMO team is able to issue a Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) for export in combination with a temporary German registration mark, assuming the responsibility of an interim operator (Lufthansa Technik). Additionally an EASA Part 145 Release to Service can be issued within the capabilities of Lufthansa Technik's CAMO team. 

Cooperating with authorities

In the light of Lufthansa Technik's excellent relations with aviation authorities all over the globe this means that the CAMO team has the power and flexibility to solve virtually any problem a bank or lessor may face as aircraft owner.

All CAMO services for lessors and banks are backed by the performance of the entire Lufthansa Technik Group.