Boeing Competence

Five decades of innovation and partnership

Boeing 707, 720, 727, 737 and 747 – for decades, aircraft from Seattle have formed the backbone of Lufthansa's fleet. For a number of aircraft designs, it was Lufthansa, and then Lufthansa Technik, which gave Boeing the necessary customer input that eventually turned a good design concept into an outstanding aircraft. 

  • The 747-8 is the latest Lufthansa Boeing aircraft
  • In March 1970 Lufthansa accepted the first Jumbo Jet.
  • In 1965 Lufthansa was launching customer for the Boeing 737.
  • A Lufthansa Boeing 707 in flight
A history with a future

And to this day and beyond, this unique symbiosis continues to pay off – not only for the aircraft manufacturer Boeing and the maintenance provider Lufthansa Technik, but in particular to Lufthansa Technik's airline customers who receive airplanes that are manufactured and maintained precisely to their needs. 

Launching customer for Boeing

The German national carrier was the first European airline to put the Jumbo into service at the beginning of the 1970s. Lufthansa engineers provided significant inputs into the specification of the successful 747-400. As a result, Lufthansa Technik has accumulated many years of experience with the 747. Operators of the latest generation of the Jumbo, the 747-8, can now benefit directly from this experience. 

50 years of Boeing jets for Lufthansa

  • 1959: The first Lufthansa 707 rolls out of the Boeing factory
  • 1961: Lufthansa becomes European launch customer for the 727
  • 1967: Lufthansa takes delivery of first 737-130
  • 1970: Lufthansa begins scheduled service with its first 747-130
  • 1972: The first Lufthansa 747 freighter is in service
  • 1989: Lufthansa takes over its first 747-400
  • 1990: Lufthansa subsidiary Condor replaces 727s with 757s
  • 1991: First 767-330ER enters service with Condor
  • 2009: First 777 freighter registered in Germany arrives at AeroLogic
  • 2012: Entry into service of 747-8 with Lufthansa

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