Boeing 737 MAX

Maintaining a success

The Boeing 737 is the perfect example of how Lufthansa Technik's influence and expertise can be translated to the development and maintenance of modern commercial aircraft. Lufthansa contributed the specifications and substantial engineering input to the creation of the original version of this narrowbody in the mid-1960s. Whether as Classic, NG or MAX, whether as VIP jet, government aircraft or special mission aircraft – Lufthansa Technik has developed an all-encompassing portfolio for the 737 family. Nearly 100 percent of the services can be provided in-house by the global Lufthansa Technik Group in nearly every phase of an aircraft's life cycle. 

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    All-encompassing portfolio for the 737 family
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    The highest reliability from day one of 737 operations
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    Extensive experience for all aspects of the 737 engines' life cycle
  • High reliability and reduced maintenance costs
  • Airline-proven engineering services for the Boeing 737
Full service from day one

The success story of the 737 family has now gained a new chapter with the 737 MAX. While many of the proven technologies have been retained in the MAX, the newest-generation 737 features improved aerodynamics (winglets and aft body), new cockpit avionics, improved systems and new engines. Once again, Lufthansa Technik's substantial technical experience and know-how will ensure that the newest member of the 737 family spends as little time as possible on the ground. 

Economies of scale in material support

To handle the need for single-source component services, Lufthansa Technik offers a one-stop shop solution that greatly reduces the complexities usually associated with the provision of spare parts. Our services represent a unique combination of high in-house repair capability, global aviation logistics and multiple supply chain options. By this means 737 family aircraft operators of any fleet size and mix enjoy cost benefits and service level guarantees that are normally only achievable by large fleets. 

High reliability and reduced maintenance costs

With airline-proven services, Lufthansa Technik's Aircraft Engineering supports operators of the narrowbody Boeing family in effectively reducing their maintenance costs. Redefining and optimizing maintenance tasks, Lufthansa Technik's engineering experts customize and alter the content and the intervals between checks or single tasks. In this way we maintain safety and improve operational reliability. 

At the pulse of the 737 engines

Lufthansa Technik has been overhauling the 737 family's turbofan engines, the CFM56, since their market introduction. No other independent engine shop has accumulated such extensive experience for all aspects of the engines' life cycle. This combination of unrivalled experience and in-house capabilities translate into highly efficient and cost-saving engine maintenance. On-wing times are well above the industry average. New engine Lufthansa Technik is currently preparing to also overhaul the successor engine model, the LEAP, in its engine shop in Hamburg. 

Image Map Aircraft Leasing & Trading Support (ALTS®) offers all-encompassing life cycle support for airlines, lessors and banks. Lufthansa Technik's Aircraft Services offers a wide array of flexible and tailored line and base maintenance solutions. Lufthansa Technik is the top organization for all engineering requirements, ensuring maximum aircraft reliability. In the case of an AOG, the 24-hour AOG Help Desk and the Airline Support Teams (AST®) are only a call away. With logistics, technical training, ground support and materials trading, Lufthansa Technik is a leading all-round supplier. Our Engine Services portfolio ranges from repair and overhauls of complete engines to parts and accessories repair. The wide Component Services product spectrum includes single component maintenance as well as complete supply chain solutions.