Environmental Services for Customers

As a part of the social fabric, companies across the globe are confronted by the challenges of sustainable development. The aviation industry has set itself ambitious goals for working towards a sustainable future.

Lufthansa Technik has developed a series of maintenance and overhaul procedures that help to minimize the impact that aviation has on the environment, for example, to reduce fuel consumption during flying operations.

A good example of this kind of innovative product development is the Cyclean® engine cleaning system. Consistent application of this technology reduces the specific fuel consumption of an engine by over 0.5 percent, while at the same time extending its service life. Other innovative products include optimized overhaul procedures for engines and aerodynamic and weight-reducing measures. 

Full responsibility

When it comes to sustainable development, Lufthansa Technik does not shy away from its responsibility. Customers benefit from:

  • Innovative solutions for better environmental performance throughout the life cycle of an aircraft
  • Flexibility in individually tailoring environmental conservation activities
  • Measures to increase service life and hence the efficiency of technical systems
  • High standards in usage and established processes for the substitution of substances that have a negative impact on the environment
  • High environmental standards throughout the Lufthansa Technik Group worldwide
  • A firmly established and certified environmental management system at Lufthansa Technik.