Join the future of aviation

AVIATAR - Holistic platform offering a variety of digital products and services

"Digital transformation" has evolved to shape economies and industries enormously – no sector being spared. New technologies arise, turning long-term standards out-of-date: processes change fundamentally and even proven and successful business models become outdated.
By 2025, more than 38.000 new aircraft will be in operation worldwide. Ultimately, 50 times more data will be produced by new aircraft types alone. More than half of the total airline's operating costs are directly or indirectly affected by MRO services. In aviation, especially for MROs, this means an increasing amount of data knowledge along with a growing complexity of their businesses. In a world like this, our customers are facing challenges like an increased number of aircraft transitions, unscheduled maintenance events, unavailable parts, and eventually high consequential costs.
Being aware of these future trends and customers' pains, Lufthansa Technik takes the digital transformation of the aviation industry to the next level. We want to shape the future of aviation by being a pioneer in offering unique digital MRO solutions – not just for our clients, but with them. Close customer collaboration has always been a key element of our successful products and services. Our digital journey has just begun.
What once started as a prototype-in-100-days project has now evolved to become the first ready to market product of our newly established Product Division Digital Fleet Solutions: meet AVIATAR. By connecting our digital threads and united forces, we jointly created an innovation with our partners that empowers our clients and enables new business models for Lufthansa Technik.

What is AVIATAR?

AVIATAR is an innovative and holistic platform that offers an extensive variety of digital products and services for MRO by combining multiple apps, web-based, and in one place. The main characteristics of our platform are:
Open - AVIATAR lives from the conjunction of visionaries. That is why we invite everybody – partners, clients, developers– to co-create the future of aviation with us or to connect their app to ours. The first externally integrated app is provided by our partner FLYdocs.  
Modular - Users, such as airlines, MROs, OEMs, or lessors, can benefit from the platform's modular approach. The platform serves as a central and connecting hub for apps that offer digital products and services for the aviation industry. But AVIATAR is not a set bundle of apps. Specified to the individual needs, our clients can select from those apps and choose the ones they prefer. However, every app can also be used as a standalone product.
Neutral – AVIATAR is an independent platform that aligns to our client's specific, technical requirements – it is an OEM-spanning platform, independent of Lufthansa Technik and any MRO service contracts.

Seven apps are only the beginning

The journey starts with seven apps - all designed to fulfill the user's first needs. "Fleet Management" and "Performance Metrics" provide basic features needed by our clients to overview their fleet and key performance indicators in real-time. The combination of "Condition Analytics", "Fault Analytics" and "Predictor Plugins" enables clients to monitor their fleet, analyze their data and predict maintenance ahead of time. Our first 3rd party app, "Record Status" by FLYdocs, displays the completeness of your records and at the same time reflects how the integration of apps can work on our platform.
While each single app provides value in its stand-alone version, it is the interplay of multiple apps, which creates the unique value proposition for the individual user. Through its joint platform, AVIATAR provides a seamless user experience and exchange of information across interfaces. It aggregates as well as centralizes information at one central place. The platform applies analytical models to provide new insights, recommendations and notifications, enabling our clients to make faster and better decisions. Furthermore, our platform gains a unique benefit from the frequent growth of our user base. One example is our app "Reliability Benchmarking" which will allow operators to benchmark their technical reliability anonymously against the world's leading airlines. Only with the integration of our users at one place, we can create unique insights for all of them.
Ultimately, AVIATAR rewards its users through the optimization of operating hours, reduced consequential costs and safer as well as more reliable fleet operations, serving airline passengers around the world.