Humanitarian Mission Aircraft - Evacuation aircraft for epidemics

Aeromedical Solutions

Long-term reliability for your solution

Lifetime support

Training, maintenance and spare parts are crucial for the long-term reliability of the solution. Here is where we provide a complete package of solutions, which is exactly adapted to the needs of your organization.

The concept of combination of our Patient Transport Unit and EpiShuttle, by EpiGuard, provides the perfect solution for intensive care transports of highly infectious patients on large aircraft.

Certifications and Partners

All devices are qualified and certified in both regulatory regimes, aeronautical and medical. Typically, the devices and cabin solutions comply with civil EASA rules and the Medical Device Directive of the EU. The legal manufacturer of the products with respect to medical devices is typically a partner company, whereas we take care of the aeronautical aspects.

Turnkey projects and case studies

A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport
A321 turnkey project
AeroMedical Services - Lufthansa Technik
Wide-body MedEvac layout
AeroMedical Services - Lufthansa Technik
Partner for humanitarian missions
Case Studies – a real life view

We take on your challenge

Here are three examples of how we has supported your STRATEVAC operation planning with expert consultation in terms of both the aircraft possibilities and the evacuation scenario:

Case 1: A321 turnkey project

The German Airforce has ordered two A321 LR aircraft, the successors of the A310 MRTT used for many years to date, as transport aircraft with a MedEvac configuration. Here is where Lufthansa Technik is delivering the complete project, including the airframe and completion. The A321 LR will have six PTU NG and 16 litter rack positions, plus seats.

Case 2: Wide-body MedEvac layout (similar to Brazilian Air Force)

During the corona pandemic, we received several requests for high-capacity patient transport aircraft. Based on typical wide-body aircraft concepts, different types of litter racks have been developed to transport approximately 40 stretcher patients, all dependent on oxygen.

Case 3: Partner for humanitarian missions

At the height of the Ebola epidemic 2014, Germany's Federal Foreign Office asked us to convert an Airbus A340 into an evacuation aircraft for transporting and treating highly contagious patients. There was no existing solution for the conversion of such an airplane. Unlike smaller aircraft that have been sporadically available until then, the new plane provided the required capacity for a comprehensive intensive care unit on board. For the construction and installation of the special isolation unit in the cabin, we were able to draw on our wealth of experience in installing a diverse range of non-standard aircraft interiors.

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