ALTS® for lessors and banks

Modular and individually selectable services
ALTS® service spectrum for lessors and banks

Long before an aircraft takes off for the first time our service starts – supporting the acquisition of a new aircraft. Ensured by experienced engineers working with the aircraft manufacturer on site, Lufthansa Technik's Aircraft Production Inspection Program (APIP) is the instrument of choice for lessors and banks to ensure optimum production quality of a new aircraft and thus the best long-term value of their asset. 

Aircraft Transition

The Aircraft Transition module covers all the elements of Aircraft Leasing & Trading Support that become relevant during a change of ownership. If an airplane changes its owner, Lufthansa Technik stands for a fast and smooth transition. We inspect and check the aircraft, support the customer in correcting its documentation and define the necessary work packages. And of course we are able to perform all necessary work in one of our facilities worldwide. 

Interim Support & Remarketing

For lessors and banks this module comprises all the services required if there is no seamless transition from one operator to the next. For example, we provide parking and storage, and thanks to our CAMO we take on the function of an interim operator including the responsibility for the condition of the aircraft. 

Aircraft Part-out

After an aircraft has reached the end of its service life, it still represents a valuable asset. To make the most of the remaining value, Lufthansa Technik's part-out service is the product of choice. So the end of the service life does not mean the end of profit. 

Aircraft Assessment

Aircraft assessment covers the technical configuration of the aircraft, it's actual condition including modification status and its documentation. Examination of the incorporation of mandatory airworthiness directives and optional service bulletins is also part of the service.

The customer gets a realistic value of the aircraft. The actual monetary value can be used as a basis for negotiations. This service is especially important for banks or leasing companies who focus on strategic financial decisions and do not employ experts for aircraft assessments.